by Emma Udoroh

Intercession is a mandate not an option. If you are an believer in Jesus Christ and call yourself a disciple, prophet, evangelist, teacher, pastor, apostle, minister, you are called to intercession and make it part of your life every day. Ministry leaders must be intercessors and prayer warriors and must refrain from designating intercession to a group or select people solely. As the visionary and forerunner, it is imperative that ministry leaders build themselves up in prayer, always watching and praying in the spirit realm. Leaders are to teach all believers how to pray just as Jesus taught the disciples. Intercession takes discipline that each leader MUST possess in this hour. Now, the issue that many leaders have with this is prayer is “burdensome” and fruitless for them. This is the opposite of the true prayer experience and the thought that prayer is ineffective is a lie from the enemy. Prayer does work and is highly effective when it is focused on the will of God and direction of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer time should never be boring, dry or mundane. If this is your experience it may be time to consider a different strategies. Prayer is multi-faceted and strategic so there is never one way to pray for any situation. The only thing we MUST do is pray the Lord’s will and according to His agenda. As you grow in prayer and communion with the Lord, you will began to move into specific and anchor-based prayers. Anchor-based meaning, prayers that are anchored in the word of God, both the rhema and logos. How do you get strategies? Fasting and prayer is a good way to submit to the will of God and receive understanding, wisdom and revelatory knowledge concerning answered prayer. You can read more here about  prayer strategies.

Have you ever prayed in frustration? Maybe you prayed for years for something or someone and have yet to get see the answer unfold and now you are in a frustrated place with prayer. That “place” of frustration coupled with desperation are two amazing components for breakthrough! When you allow your emotions to move you from a place of defeat to the feet of Jesus, you will begin to understand the mystery of the gospel unfold as Paul refers to in Ephesians 6:19

Reading through the bible is one of the greatest investments you can make. Why? It is a guideline and gives parameters we need in order to understand how the kingdom of God operates. It is possible that some prayers don’t get answered because there are principles in operation that determine the speed of the outcome or the answer itself.

The bible gives enlightenment to the obscurity around answered prayers. Let’s take a look at Abraham’s petitions in Genesis 18. Here we read about the interaction between God and Abraham over the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the place where Lot and his family lived. Abraham stood as an intercessor on behalf of Lot and God was so moved by his prayers and pleadings that God Almighty had a change of heart and spared the destruction of the land because of Abraham’s request for Lot’s life. In this story alone, there are several key things to note about praying for someone who is in a bad situation. First, Lot was not in sin, he was in right standing with God. Second, Abraham didn’t give up but persisted with his petition to God. Third, God was listening! Also, God showed us the power of repentance through His display of mercy.

Other accounts of vibrant and persistent praying in the bible:

  • Hannah prayed fervently to the Lord God and travailed in prayer and through her desperation God heard her prayers and answered with a child, the prophet Samuel.
  • David prayed to fall in the hands of a righteous God when he had sinned, and the Lord punished him in love.
  • Daniel stood as an intercessor on behalf of the people and although there was a delay, his prayer was answered and he was given a revelation about hindering spirits.
  • Jesus gave us how to pray in Matthew 6:9-13. Bringing God’s will into greater focus and placing emphasis on forgiveness.
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus, prayed a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for being the one who was chosen to divinely conceive the Saviour of the world.
  • Paul prayed a prayer that would enlighten believers to the manifold wisdom of God and the kingdom of heaven so that followers of Christ could walk and live in the light.

Sometimes we pray aimlessly and we don’t see results. Prayer should always be intentional and focused. The bible is the greatest resource to use when praying. It is a weapon and tool designed to reveal mysteries, strategies, blueprints, remedies and assist us as we advance God’s kingdom agenda in prayer.

Father God in the name of Jesus, I pray that each person praying to you in desperation and tenacity will not only hear your will but see you moving in that situation. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.