The Lord Wants to Live in You!

Think about this, no matter what your circumstances are you have a choice in the matter. Whether to do good or evil is given for you to decide. Now that’s a lot of power for one person to have and the Lord God chose to give it to you. If you didn’t have the capacity to do great things in His name and live according to His ways, you wouldn’t have the power of choice. Simple as that.

The mind is a battleground and even the evil one knows that you are given power through choices. So he attacks your mind so that you lose it. He attacks your heart so that you fail. He attacks your emotions so that you make wrong choices. Ultimately, he attacks your character hoping that you quit.

Know this, the Lord wants to reward you for the life you live and because He is righteous, your choices have much to do with the reward you receive.

Let the Lord into your mind by thinking on His word. Let the Lord into your will by making decisions with good results. Let Him into your emotions and you will find that over time, there is less fighting and more winning. How can you win and not fight?
Ask the Lord for the revelation and application of this in your life. He will reward you with the answer. It will be His pleasure to help you.

I, the Lord , search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.
Jeremiah 17:10 NKJV