Intercession or Intercessor (person who prays on behalf of) is not a designated office, it is a discipline just like fasting, it is an action like worship. Fasting is not optional either and there are different ways outside of food (for those with medical issues).  We are all called to be intercessors if we are believers in Jesus Christ and trust in His blood to atone our sin. We are all called to be ministers if we believe and share the good news of Christ and encourage others to follow Him. We are all called to fast from the cravings of our flesh as an act of submission to the will of God and to activate supernatural power in our life.

Check this out:
Moses=Judge, prophet, pastor, intercessor, fasted
Nehemiah=Cupbearer, builder, intercessor, fasted
Samuel=Prophet, intercessor, fasted
Daniel=Prophet, intercessor, fasted
David=Musician, warrior, pastor, prophetic intercessor, fasted
Ezekiel=Prophet, forerunner, intercessor,fasted
Paul=Servant, preacher, teacher, apostle, intercessor, fasted
Jesus=Lord, Redeemer, Prophet, Teacher, Healer, King, Messiah…Intercessor, fasted

Intercession, like fasting, worship, praise and ministering is a requirement not an optional title. Search the scriptures for the words “fasting” and “prayer” and you will come to understand more about this subject. In fact, ask the Holy Spirit to show you why the enemy fights many believers in this area and what strategies you can use to overcome resistance to fasting and prayer.